Hey guys! My Dad and I just drove into our friends driveway and we will be staying here for the night. The wifi is a bonus!
After a really nice good-bye in front of SickKids in Toronto we were off!
We met sooo many RE/MAX agents today but we mainly traveled with three of them (Jay Shearer, Fawzi Mattar and Bruce King) to 7 or 8 different offices! It was a lot of fun and we traveled all over the Toronto area… The agents here are so nice and some of the offices had over 200 real estate agents! Sadly, we couldn’t meet all of them but we tried to see everybody who was in each office!
Remax send off Toronto (1)
We really roughed it today food-wise 😉 I had a crêpe with ham, cheese and eggs with fruit on the side this morning for breakfast, hot chocolate and a bagel for lunch and salad, potatoes, lamb and grilled cheese for dinner with cookies for dessert (plus my Dad’s birthday cake).
Tonight we will be sleeping here at our friends’ house and tomorrow we hope to get an early start to install a skid plate for the bike – we’ll need it to protect the bottom of the engine on bumpy roads!

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