Hey guys!
Today when we woke up at the Lavers’ we had some toast and cheese for breakfast (it tastes better than it sounds) and while my dad was drinking his coffee, I had a coffee/hot chocolate mix that was AMAZING!!! I’d never really had coffee, only a few sips here and there, and I don’t think I can ever have normal hot chocolate again… It changed my perspective on hot beverages forever…!

Me and My Dad in Stoney Creek, ON

Me and My Dad, Photo By Grandma J in Stoney Creek, ON

After we finished with breakfast, we went on Instagram and Facebook and stuff for a while and we left around 10ish to go meet my grandparents (they were driving back from Myrtle Beach and wanted to say goodbye) at an awesome motorcycle shop in Stoney Creek called DualSport because the bike needed that new skid plate. My grandparents and I chatted for about half an hour while DualSport installed the skid plate. We then said good-bye and went towards a RE/MAX office, the final RE/MAX office in Canada that we would be visiting! We did a short interview with Mark Woehrle, a Sales Representative with RE/MAX Escarpment before eating some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (made by Nancy Laver – thanks Nancy!!! – prior to us leaving) in the conference room.
We got fuel for the bike and CROSSED INTO THE USA!
At first, I got freaked out by the big “55 MPH” speed limit on the highway before I remembered that we weren’t in Canada any more. I had to take a minute to convert my brain to miles and feet and inches from kilometres and metres and centimetres.
After a half day of riding we started to get hungry, then hungrier…and hungrier… But the only restaurants in sight were fast food places which, for the record, did not sound appetizing but after about 30 kilometres we gave up and went to McDonalds. This is the one fast food place we don’t mind stopping at on the road as they always have free wifi and they support the Ronald McDonald House charity. My parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto when Alyssa was born and they said it was an amazing gift to be able to be so close to the hospital every day.
It only took about an hour from the McDonald’s stop to get to Cleveland, where we are now. It was pitch black when we got here but at least we got here!

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