Hey! I’m at a little Tim Hortons with my Dad on the side of a LONG highway!
I don’t know the name of the town, but I do know that we are about halfway to Toronto from the RE/MAX in Wasaga Beach, on our way to my Aunt Cathy’s for the night.
In the morning we are going next door to SickKids hospital to make a grand exit on our ride to Costa Rica!
This morning was a mad rush to leave and go to RE/MAX!
I scarfed down some cereal and yogurt but am still hungry (even after a plain bagel, hot chocolate and half a donut at Timmy’s!)
I’m super excited to get to Toronto… I’ve never been there on the motorcycle before and I’m worried about leaning over this way and that because that way I may fall off or cause the bike to tumble over…. We’ll see how it goes!
-Holly J

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