Hi guys!
Today my Dad woke me up at about 8:30 am so we could go downstairs for Super 8’s continental breakfast of cereal, toast, orange juice and hot chocolate.
After breakfast we went up to the room, watched Ellen for a while, packed up and left. We waited about an hour so it would be warmer when we left.
The air was brisk but we could hardly notice due to all of our layers… plus I begged Dad to let me use his winter gloves so my hands were that much warmer! Earlier in the day, my Dad used his iPad to find a place in Louisville, Kentucky called the “Motorcycle Superstore,” and we punched in the address in the GPS and headed that way! We had to replace his riding boots as the cold and continuing rain had caused the heel to come off completely and he had to ride with no heel!
Even though it was chilly, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky (literally, we looked everywhere) and the fall leaves were beautiful as we came down into Louisville. Soon, we were in the heart of the city and on the hunt for the motorcycle store.
I was honestly expecting a cute little shop, or an old house or something… we didn’t get a little house. Or a cute, little shop. We pulled around the corner and walked up the steps thinking that the massive building was home to other stores, like a mall. Nope. Definitely not. I have never been in a more amazing store in my life. Ever!!! It was a huge warehouse that went on and on and on for what seemed like forever!
The ceiling was WAY up there… From the outside it had looked like a big, two-storey building but instead it was only one (GIGANTIC) floor of epicness!
As I wandered around, marvelling at all of the… well, everything, Dad bought a new pair of boots. An hour or so later, we were on the road again, just re-trying to get south.
It hadn’t cooled down or warmed up so we kept all of our current gear on as we rode down the highway. I was still cold but we stopped for lunch after a few hours at Subway. As we were leaving the highway, I spotted a RE/MAX office! We decided to eat, get gas and then go to the RE/MAX. After we each finished our subs, we came outside and saw that two of our RE/MAX bumper stickers were gone :(. We think that in yesterday’s rain the wet wind must have ripped them off. We then filled up our tank with gas and crossed the highway to the little roadside RE/MAX. It turns out it was a family-run RE/MAX with four agents called The Billy Ward Team (www.billywardsalesteam.com). Billy and his son Justin were there so we had them sign our big RE/MAX banner, aka the CMN donation flag, take a few photos, chat and we were on our way!
After another hour we stopped to warm up at McDonald’s. While Dad drank his coffee, I had hot chocolate and read the paper (just kidding lol… I texted my friends with the wifi) we ate a few granola bars and were back on the road to Nashville, Tennessee. Soon the clock changed back an hour so 5:30 pm became 4:30 pm. The sun was now setting, even though it was only 4:30, so we got to enjoy the sunset (since we were driving south, the sun was going down just to our right) and one lone star that was hanging right below the moon.
Foggy Freezingness
We drove for a long time, until after 7 pm, and we stopped because we needed gas… and because my legs felt like they were falling off. It had really cooled down after the sunset hours earlier. The gas station was next door to a little restaurant called Stan’s Restaurant. Dad and I shared a ham and cheese omelette and we had biscuits and he had gravy…I’m not a gravy gal.
After we ate we checked into another Super 8 (I know, we need more variety) parked the bike outside our door and settled in! That’s about everything for today guys…Thanks for reading my blog and commenting below! Talk to you tomorrow! Bye!

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